Abroad Cover - Final v.2.jpg


Abroad Cover - Final v.2.jpg


This publication was created collaboratively for the WWU Design Abroad Program that took a group of 14 graphic design students to Germany and Switzerland for a month in August, 2017. Over the course of the month, we visited design meccas all across Berlin, Dessau, Frankfurt, Basel, and Zurich. This was an incredible experience and this publication brought those memories into a tangible product that I can share with you. 

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The direction we took as group for this publication was to touch on the harmonious interaction between image and type that we ourselves had the privilege of witnessing first hand throughout the cities we explored and the various design firms we got to tour and learn from. Featured above are two famous agencies we met with in Berlin. Along with the publication, we created a video documentary to show our journey in motion and sound. Enjoy!